Readers Write: No GOPers in Biden’s diverse cabinet

Readers Write: No GOPers in Biden’s diverse cabinet


Someone was missing at President Joe Biden’s first cabinet meeting held on April 1. Remember his campaign promise that he would unite America again and appoint the most diverse cabinet and administration in history, representing the gorgeous American mosaic?

Now into the fourth month of his administration, he has yet to appoint any Republicans. There are several thousand cabinet, sub-cabinet, agency administrators and others who will be appointed by the White House to serve at the pleasure of the president.

Republicans continue to represent a significant portion of America. Why has he failed to appoint any to serve in his Cabinet and administration? Mr. Biden has failed in following up on this public commitment on this issue.

Even former Democratic President Barack Obama appointed Ray LaHood – Republican congressman from Illinois as his secretary of Transportation. Actions speak louder than words. His call for bringing America together appears to just be campaign rhetoric. Biden practices to the victor belongs the spoils.

Quid pro quo is alive and well in the White House under his watch. It is business as usual at the expense of taxpayers.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

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