Readers Write: Party of No drowns infrastructure plans

Readers Write: Party of No drowns infrastructure plans

The GOP Trumplican Know Nothing party is clearly the party of “NO” and is quite content to let us all drown in Grover Norquist’s bathtub. Remember Grover? He’s the coupon-clipping, lucky-sperm dweeb, who doesn’t believe his unearned inheritance should have ever been taxed. He founded the Americans for Tax Freedom organization that he used to whip what used to be the Republican Party en mass into signing his absurd, absolutist anti-tax pledge under penalty of being pilloried and primaried.

The goal, he said, was to shrink the federal government so that it could go “down the drain of his bathtub.” There was a direct connection between this so-called philosophy of governance and the resulting shortages of PEDs and other material needed to fight the Trumplican pandemic at the beginning. We ALL almost drowned in Grovers bathtub last year.

Now the GQP expects us to let our infrastructure continue to crumble and settle into obsolescence so they can continue their obsequiousness towards Grover and his “movement.” This should be the end, once and for all, of poor Grover and his short-sighted, self-serving, selfish nonsense.

Eric Cashdan

Sands Point

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