Readers Write: Raising taxes on rich, corporations counterproductive


So here is why these functional Democratic illiterates in the state Assembly and state Senate, in the long run, have killed the golden goose: the size of my client base, and that of my colleagues is far more than anecdotal to say that in addition to the many who we must now service in Palm Beach, Austin, Asheville and elsewhere – will have much more company.

The very wealthy – the $5 million and over earners will absolutely not pay usury to New York for the privilege of criminally insane and homeless on the street, emasculation of police, filth, ultra-wokeness and all the detritus with which leftists endow us.

As Dennis Prager has often said – “they create nothing; they only destroy everything.”

In addition – this time – since they ensnared those earning $1 million (that’s under $480K after fed-city-state-Social Security deductions, here’s the latest: Those earners have second homes out East and up North.

They will reduce their tax load – they will be documenting their days in NYC, avoiding the statutory ensnarement – staying out on NYC over 180 days a year, with proof.

They will rid themselves of the 4 percent NYC tax. Net loss to the City/State: 3 percent! Not everyone is an idiot. And my firm avoids the new corporate tax – and already saves the shareholders $100 million per year – we are headquartered in Nashville as of three years ago.

Kathy Wylde, CEO of the NYC partnership warns of an acceleration of headquartering elsewhere for many N.Y.-based corporations.

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld

Great Neck



  1. Dennis Prager? The same right-wing nutjob being fueled by oil billionaires to spread literal propaganda under the false notion of education?

  2. The inequality in America is beyond measurable. We all want economy to remain strong and productive. But for the sake of preserving peace in the society, it’s important that rich contribute their fair share. Nobody likes to pay taxes. But why not consider it one of civil duties that keep American democracy strong.

  3. Dennis Prager? I started dealing with Dennis Prager back around 1989, when I was with Inacomp Financial, which was the third largest retailer of IBM and Macs in the nation at the time, and he defaulted on his computer leases. He told me that if we reported or recorded any defaults or other bad credit reports, he would bad mouth us on his radio show. I just turned the case over to the legal department. I was told that he would return the computers, if Inacomp and the individuals would sign a non-disclosure agreement. I told the top management, and the legal department that I wanted to think about it. I rook some clients, friends and associates in the television, post production and advertising businesses out for lunches, and made some telephone calls. A few days later, the CEO of one of the firms told me that Prager’s photograph was up on their “Do Not Do Business with” Bulletin Board in their lunchroom.
    Go down to the Los Angeles County Registrar Office in Norwalk. The UCC Filings are there. I never cancelled them.


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