Readers Write: Re-elect Di Lucia, Di Leo as Manorhaven trustees


I have known Rita Di Lucia and John Di Leo for decades, both as friends and neighbors and as trustees for the Village of Manorhaven. They are not only dedicated to continually improving our beautiful community by Manhasset Bay, but their devotion to volunteerism is truly admirable.

Over the past 14 years that Rita has been a trustee for our Village, she has secured multiple grants for several wonderful projects, including beautiful Morgan’s Dock and Park, the Nature Preserve and Dog Run. She has also been a liaison on many committees over the years to keep initiatives moving forward for the benefit of all residents of Port Washington.

As a resident herself, Rita exemplifies what a true Port Washingtonian is about. While raising her two children, helping her elderly mother and working full time, she still manages to volunteer countless hours to CancerCare, Knights of Columbus Columbiettes and the Port Washington School District as a PTA president and co-president of the Port Washington Paraprofessionals Association.

John Di Leo served the Village in multiple capacities for many years as well. His contributions have always been beneficial to initiatives being moved forward by the Village. After serving for nine years as Village Trustee, John continued to help improve our community by serving as a member of the Village’s Board of Zoning & Appeals for seven years.

John’s experience as a business owner for 25 years in the landscaping industry and current job with the Town of North Hempstead will serve the Village’s beautification very well. He is devoted to environmental protection, particularly when it comes to the health of our trees and planting more and more of them each year. John is also a consummate volunteer. He has helped many organizations over the decades and is currently vice president with the Sons & Daughters of Italy in America’s Marino Lodge and third degree knight with the Knights of Columbus.

I can’t think of two better candidates for trustee than Rita Di Lucia and John Di Leo.

Barbara Faticone
60-year Manorhaven homeowner


  1. James Avena, Jim Roman & Rita & Rita DiLucia are fully aware of the fact that:
    John Dileo’s Illegal use of his properties at 18 & 20 Hickory Road should not be condoned.
    Mr. Dileo’s conduct (a person running for Trustee, former Trustee and a sitting member of the BZA ) is abhorrent.
    There are three/four families that live out of these two buildings. Neither of the buildings have access to/from the rear yard and no emergency personnel can access the buildings to/from the rear yard.
    The accumulation of commercial equipment, junk, inoperable vehicles, unregistered trailers and God knows what else would make it impossible for fire department, emergency services or police personnel to enter the premises in an emergency situation or anyone in the buildings to exit in the event of an emergency.
    John Dileo should be barred from sitting on the BZA Board & any future Board(s) permanently.

    Rita should retire. Morgan’s Dock, wee the link below “meet the candidates”.
    Rita is president of the Columiettes Incorporated, a for profit entity.
    Rita & Her husband David “Nico” have been part of the Dijana, Gerard Terry Fellowship for 2 Decades.
    Barbara Faticone you have been receiving grants from the Dejana foundation for nearly a decade through charitable entities that don’t exist.

    Be Safe


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