Readers Write: Re-elect Village of Great Neck Judge Mark Birnbaum


I hope you are casting your vote on June 15, to re-elect the Hon. Mark Birnbaum as our village justice.

Mark knows the job and he does the job well! Having served on various boards over the years, Mark knows our village ‘inside and out” and is well able to take every precaution to ensure safe and happy lives for our residents and for the residents of the Great Neck peninsula as a whole.

Take the time to learn about this very honorable Hon. Mark Birnbaum and learn about all he has done in local government to enhance our lives.

Read about all of the positions he has served for this village over the span of over 25 years. And learn about all the ways Mark Birnbaum has served our village to help ensure the quality of life we have come to expect.

Remember, when you cast your vote for Village of Great Neck village justice, experience counts – and it counts a lot!

Vote for Mark Birnbaum!

Dr. Jill P. Karpel

Village of Great Neck



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