Readers Write: Replace Cuomo with DiNapoli


We know the results of the investigation, by a fellow Democrat, no less.

Alas, Attorney General Letitia James omits Cuomo’s motive in the nursing home scandal: the governor cavalierly murdered thousands of our elderly because his ego, his obsessive micromanagement – would not allow him to utilize help from the federal government.

Rather than place recovering COVID patients on the USNS Comfort ship or at the Javits Center – whence they were supposed to go – he sent them to spread illness death in nursing homes. It was about displaying “heroism” by accepting no help.

His behavior, his “Emmy,” his book – and his CNN brother – represent unabashed thuggery.

New Yorkers need a competent, decent human being in the governor’s mansion to begin to restore our state – yes, much like my former boss, George Pataki.

Yes, we need the very good man right in our own backyard: Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld

Great Neck


  1. Words fail.
    But this is what DiNapoli has been gunning for, for years.
    A man of talentless ambition, like most of our political class. He’ll bring nothing new to the table.


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