Readers Write: Shame on Congressman Lee Zeldin

Readers Write:  Shame on Congressman Lee Zeldin

So, it seems that the seditionist, insurrectionist GQP Congressman Lee Zeldin (Q-Shirley) is running for governor of New York.

There is only one question for this shameless pretender, when, not if, when he loses, will he summon a horde of Trumplican stormtroopers to Albany to prevent the certification of his loss?

This Trumplican acolyte, Zeldin, has still not renounced the Big Lie and the treasonous insurrection of 1/6.

Shame. On. Zeldin

Eric Cashdan

Sands Point

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  1. There is no substance to your hit piece. January 6 was an event where the majority of well over a few hundred thousand came to peacefully assemble. It became hijacked by extremists from both the left and right who used the opportunity to turn it into an assault. Antifa was there in numbers and caused the death of Ashley Babbitte, a veteran.
    I find it interesting that people like yourself have nothing to say about the riots in Portland, Seattle, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Davenport and a dozen other cities where there was burning, looting, murder, rapes, assaults, robberies in the name of free expression. I especially remember the name of Italia Kelley, shot & killed by Someone in the BLM crowd in Davenport , a young beautiful Black Woman. Her sister screaming at the demonstrators. No justice for her and you don’t even know her name. Shame on you.

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