Readers Write: Shelly Sherman Is correct

Readers Write: Shelly Sherman Is correct

This letter is in response to “Mask Requirement For Early Voting.” Since Shelly could be male or female I will say Mr./Ms. Sherman. Come to think of it my name could too and I’m male. At any rate, I am 100% in agreement with you. I simply do not understand why people would choose to risk the health of themselves or others.
I lost one of my best friends in the world in April of 2020 to COVID, and while I have never dressed in black and walked the hills and mindless grief and mourning, I still miss him terribly. Rest in Peace, Bill. I contracted COVID in April of 2020, although I was fortunately asymptomatic. I wish anyone who does not choose to wear a mask knew what it is like to go to sleep and wonder if you’ll wake up. My son was presumed positive and for a week sounded as if he belonged in a tuberculosis ward, although it suddenly cleared up.
Larry Penner, a frequent contributor to this page, feels the masks should come off. Here is the letter posted by him in this very publication.
I’m not in favor of wearing masks forever. But until we have beaten this disease back, everyone should wear masks. To those who don’t I say “shame on you.”

Nat Weiner

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