Readers Write: The evil of wokeness

Readers Write: The evil of wokeness

On Palm Sunday, I went to my church for the first time in a year.  Its congregation is 99 percent white, but three years ago we hired a Black minister to lead our church.  At the moment, he is on leave to assist an ailing relative and our interim minister is also Black. His wife just happens to be a physician.  Both of these men live in and use our Brick Manse on church property right in the middle of  the town with no complaints from their neighbors about the arrangement. They were welcomed warmly. 

As I sat there in church, I looked over to our choir director who is of Asian descent and at the substitute choir.  Two of the singers are Black women with beautiful voices
that sound like angels and they often assist us during holidays when our regular choir members are in attendance.

I thought to myself, where is the “systemic racism” that is being blamed on the entire race of white Americans day after day?  The term was coined by Stokely Carmichael and Charles Hamilton in 1967 in their work entitled “Black Power The Politics of Liberation.” Racial discrimination is against the law in America and certainly great strides have been made since 1967. 

Opportunity is here in America waiting for people of all races to accomplish great things.  People of different races are living side by side and working together all over this country in harmony just like those in church on Sunday, but the left is doing everything it can to divide and alienate American citizens because a united America is a strong America and can resist their poison more effectively.

Anti-white propaganda is being peddled by Woke leftists day after day, in our schools with critical race theory. White supremacy is to blame for all problems and white privilege is invented by the radical left to cause division and foster hate for our country and all it stands for.

Racism is rampant on the left, the very thing they accuse others of is at their very core.  It is their excuse for everything, every failure, even climate change.  It is laughable.  They continue to tell minorities that they can’t make it in America because of racism and it is one of the biggest lies perpetrated on the public in my lifetime.
There are successful Black Americans all over this country like our ministers, doctors, lawyers, nurses. I could go on and on. During last summer’s unrest, I saw Black mayors of cities, Black police chiefs, teachers, district attorneys and many more with power of their own.

Systemic racism is alive at Harvard where they discriminate against Asian and white applicants because of their skin color.  It is alive in Oakland, Calif., where poor whites are being denied a  $500 monthly stipend because of their skin color.  It is only for poor Blacks.  Now that is racism.

We now have “woke,” immature, anti-American bullies telling us what pronouns we can use, telling children in one school that they should not refer to their parents with the names “mother” and “father,” denying that sex can be identified at birth, insisting that people can change their sex and then trying to force the general population to accept this lie and even demanding that children should be permitted to begin life-altering treatments to start transformation before they even know what sex is all about. 

Gender dysphoria is a serious emotional problem and many who have it at a young age grow to feel comfortable with their sexuality as they mature. If an adult decides to go through the difficult bodily transformation, then so be it as long as they do not trample on the rights to safety, privacy and fairness in sports for women. 

Then we have the cancel culture bullies who decide to punish those whose opinions may differ from theirs, the “woke Mafia.” They do not break your legs, they just get you fired, boycott your business or do some other evil deed to punish your audacity for having your own thoughts and ideas.  This is all going to end badly if it continues for all of us.

This is not Americanism, it is communism.


In response to Alvin Goldberg’s rude comment about my letter in the Williston Times:

My objection to the ERA and concerns about forcing medical professionals to perform procedures that go against their

religious beliefs has nothing to do with your response about a bill in Tennessee and what it proposes about fathers getting veto powers over abortions. Talk about straying into the weeds. You are a typical lefty.  When you have no good argument to use against a differing opinion, you resort to name calling.  In this case, I was called dumb and stupid.

Quoting Einstein is supposed to make you appear to be an intellect when all it does is reflect on your inability to speak for yourself with any eloquence.  You were unable to refute any statement of mine with a cogent argument because you do not have one.

Gayle Palmer

Williston Park

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