I first came to admire David as a first-year law student. I observed him to be an eager and attentive student of justice. As a classmate, David demonstrated intellect, humility, and courtesy.

As a friend, David has proven to be patient, supportive and kind. All essential qualities of a jurist.  David’s quick wit tempered by his deep compassion assures that David will be a prudent judge.

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Not only does David have the character of a great judge, but he also has the experience to match the task. He has extensive litigation experience gained through public service.  Not only does he have a deep understanding of the law, but he has also mastered courtroom skills.

Moreover, David shows sincere interest in the welfare Great Neck. He is dedicated to keeping Great Neck a safe and thriving environment that meets the needs of its diverse residents.

With pride I endorse David Kirsch as Justice of Village of Great Neck.

Moriah Adamo

Lake Success


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