Readers Write: Trees

Readers Write: Trees

Friends – 

How long have I known these trees,
with colors and without,
through how many summers and winters?
You belong in a forest, or the broad open field
with plenty of room to soak up the sun.

Flowers of color, a kingdom of color
repeated effortlessly, though not ours to keep.
I often hold the vision, sleeping and awake,
even in sleep loving them.

The roamer who in youth looked up and swung
from boughs, imagining I’m a plane or helicopter,
with the leaves rustling back and forth
like breath shimmering around the edges.
I was another leaf, exchanging ions.

How it feels when they greet you going out the door.
Their beauty is a comfort that soothes,
their shadow an easy path carries me back
to the old forest.

I have known these trees a very long time,
and I’m glad they are here.

Stephen Cipot
Garden City Park

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