Readers Write: Trump supporters enable Putin’s mischief

Readers Write: Trump supporters enable Putin’s mischief

It’s well past time for a serious conversation. Donald J. Trump lost the 2020 election, fair and square, by any serious, fact-based examination. Period. All of you MAGA cowboys who think otherwise are being seriously punked by Vladimir Putin, whose agents are constantly stirring the disinformation stewpot on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep retweeting your nonsense—you are doing his bidding. His major triumph is the dissension and disinformation-inspired paralysis we find our political system in.

It’s the most vile and despicable elements of the fascist Trumplican personality cult who view Putin as the savior of “white Euro-Christian civilization.” He is glad to accommodate. Elements of what used to be the Republican Party and even the Conservative movement (with the emphasis on the con) in their lust for power do his bidding while laughing up their sleeves at the third-rate power if-not-for-nukes framework in which they choose to dismiss him while his poison serves their perceived ends.

They are naïve. We are all at risk.

Eric Cashdan

Sands Point

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