Readers Write: Why to vote for David Kirsch for Village of Great Neck justice


June 15, 2021, is Election Day in Great Neck and you have an important decision to make. For your consideration, I’d like to share why that choice should be my long-time former colleague and friend David Kirsch, the Village United Party candidate for village justice.

A brilliant lawyer, dedicated community leader and organizer, loving father and husband—David is uniquely qualified to serve you.

David started his legal career as a champion of justice in the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. As a prosecutor, he handled thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases from arraignment to trial.

Whether presenting attempted murder cases to the grand jury or negotiating case dispositions and coordinating sentence compliance in certain cases amongst various stakeholders, David did so with the highest amount of professionalism and aplomb. Thereafter, David continued pursuing his passion for the law in private practice serving as a star attorney in the criminal and disciplinary group of Manhattan-based, multi-disciplinary law firm Koehler & Isaacs LLP.

This is where we met and worked together as colleagues for over eight years.  This is also where David defended the rights of those facing criminal prosecution or disciplinary actions in employment.

Even though he was now on “the other side of the aisle,” David brought the same professionalism and desire for justice in the zealous representation of his clients serving as a true and ardent advocate for them.

David now serves as managing attorney of the Barden Law group and continues to be highly regarded by his bar colleagues, adversaries, prosecutors, and judges.

David’s experiences as both a prosecutor and defense attorney give him a balanced insight into the interpretation and application of the law—two crucial skills a jurist must possess. He is uniquely positioned to capitalize on his extensive legal experience and serve the residents of Great Neck.

While David’s professional accomplishments speak for themselves, what I have been most impressed with is his commitment to family and community.

A father of two beautiful girls, his dedication to and love for them is only paralleled by the love and commitment he has for Alison, his wife of 10 years. Together David and Alison have been true community leaders selflessly serving the Young Israel of Great Neck congregation and beyond.

In 2019, both were honored for their invaluable contributions. In the past year, David formed a coalition amongst the houses of worship in Great Neck to obtain federal and state grant money to keep religious institutions and their patrons safe in the current climate that has seen an increase in hate crimes. Undoubtedly, David would bring the same kind of commitment to service and community in the role of Village Justice.

These are challenging and critical times we are living in, those who are given the privilege and honor to serve on a judicial bench must be eminently qualified. The ancient Greek philosopher

Socrates is widely credited as saying, “Four things belong to a judge: to hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly; and decide impartially.”

Not only does David exemplify these qualities, he will also employ them and the other unparalleled talents and skills he possesses in upholding the law in service to the citizens of Great Neck.

Cynthia Devasia. Esq.






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