Parker Jewish Institute helps communities age in place

(Photo courtesy of the Parker Jewish Institute)

In its continued mission to foster aging in place, Parker Jewish Institute is enhancing its relationships with Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs).

Supported by government funding, UJA-Federation of New York and other partners, including Parker, these communities typically encompass a sizable population of adults, ages 60 and older. These adults want to enjoy healthy, active, safe and independent lives in their neighborhood.

NORCs may be based in a single building or housing complex, or an age-integrated neighborhood, including those with single-family homes.

Parker works with NORCs in the region, including NORC WOW (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community With Out Walls), a program of Common point Queens’ NORC Supportive Services Programs, with offices in the Sam Field Center in Little Neck, where participants have access to Case Management Services, which include social work and nursing services.

With this partnership, Parker provides a myriad of services for older adults living in Floral Park, New Hyde Park, and Bellerose.

These offerings include in-home nurse visits, the monitoring of chronic health conditions and medications, immunizations and health screenings. Other services comprise health-care system advocacy, health and diet consultations, home safety assessments and caregiver education and support.

“We are proud to partner with NORCs, in particular with Commonpoint Queens NORC Supportive Services Program, which is located right in our backyard,” Parker’s Assistant Vice President of Corporate Outreach Lina Scacco said. “In these areas, senior residents can readily access the kind of services they may need to live independently for as long as possible. And through our relationships with NORCs, we can share information about additional Parker services, as well as other health care resources, they might find valuable -either for themselves or a family member, while at the same time help residents remain safely in their home.”

Working with Licensed Social Workers and Registered Nurses, NORC WOW residents benefit from home visits, counseling and family support; long-term planning; information about Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Part D, and related matters; and assistance with securing and understanding entitlements.

And there are additional advantages, including monthly luncheons, exercise and wellness classes, community seminars, intergenerational programs, volunteer options and assistance with maintenance referrals.

Many of these offerings, through Case Management Social Work Services, offered through the Commonpoint Queens NORCs, provide the welcomed opportunity to socialize.

Combining Social Work and Registered Nursing Services not only enhances the overall wellbeing of NORC members but gives peace of mind to the many independent residents that reside in those communities. They provide an extra level of support and resource that typically they may not have been aware of, as some of these residents are homebound and isolated. It’s a partnership that promotes collaboration, teamwork and a stronger sense of community for all.

By partnering with NORCs, Parker helps older adults not only maintain their independence but also improve their quality of life. And by participating in the program, older adults avoid unnecessary hospital and nursing homestays.

Participants and their families also gain access to information about Parker’s extensive community-based resources, including Social Adult Day Care, Home Health Care, Medical House Calls, Palliative Care and Hospice.

Submitted by the Parker Jewish Institute


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