Silverstein Hebrew Academy welcomes students for the start of the 2019-2020 school year

A parent with her two children at SHA’s opening day of school (Photo courtesy of Megan Sheppard)

Students of Silverstein Hebrew Academy (SHA) began their new school year recently. Students in Kindergarten through fifth grade were greeted with a red carpet into the school and colorful photo frames to take first day photos with.

Students at SHA’s middle school were welcomed with balloons, inspiring music, and enthusiastic teachers, administrators, and staff.  

Teachers in both schools had new and exciting activities planned to acclimate students to the new school year, helping the young learners get back into the swing of things. Students excitedly entered their classrooms, ready to begin a new year of learning.

“We are so excited for the start of what I know will be another amazing school year,” said Shireen Deen Butman, Head of School at SHA. “We have dedicated the summer months discussing new ideas to implement within the curriculum as well as initiatives that give our students opportunities to help others and give back to the community.”

In an effort to prepare SHA students for the ever-changing 21st-century landscape, SHA implemented several forward-thinking initiatives. Among them are the integration of Conscious Discipline, a comprehensive classroom management program, and a social-emotional curriculum. 

Teachers and staff have also been prepping more than just their classrooms. SHA teachers participated in a “Stop the Bleed” workshop and were trained on how to apply a tourniquet and how to best deal with small and large wounds.

Additionally, after-school clubs are also being made available to students starting in October. Sports, cooking, mad science, sewing, art, yoga, brixology, chess, and ballet will be just some of the clubs added.

For more information on the Silverstein Hebrew Academy and programs for PreK through 8th grade students, please call 516-466-8522.


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