All Roslyn students welcome to return in person the week of April 12

The Roslyn high school and middle school administrations have announced plans to reopen for all full-time and in-person students during the week of April 12. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

Just before spring recess, administrators in the Roslyn school district detailed plans on reopening the rest of their schools for students wishing to take in-person classes, with staggered start dates for all students to take place the week of April 12.

The district held a pair of Zoom meetings for parents with students attending Roslyn High School and Roslyn Middle School last Thursday. Elementary schools in the district have allowed full-time in-person classes since September, and the year began with students in the high school and middle schools being given a choice of a fully remote class schedule or a hybrid of in person and remote.

Roslyn High School Principal Scott Andrews reported that most of the staff in his school had been vaccinated, and encouraged parents to send their children back.

“Transmission in the schools is very low,” Andrews said. “And one of the things we’re really putting emphasis on now is the social [component]. I mean, it’s hard to imagine that our students, and your children, essentially sit in a room for almost 12 months. So, the reason we’re encouraging students, if they’re comfortable to come back really is to get into a routine again, so that in September it’s not as big of a shock.”

Tenth-graders at Roslyn High will be able to return April 12, with eleventh-graders following the next day, and ninth-graders on the next. All students at Roslyn Middle School will be able to return on April 12. A hybrid option will still be offered, but Andrews said most members of the senior class, who were allowed to return in the middle of March, opted for one or the other.

“What we saw with the seniors was very few students stayed hybrid,” Andrews said. “So either they’re coming back full time, or they’re staying home full time.”

Andrews added that parents in the district would receive an email with a link to choose their option that same day, and must respond by April 6 if they wish for their student to return to classes in person and full-time.


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