Koblenz warns of package theft in East Hills


East Hills Mayor Michael Koblenz warned residents this week about unattended packages being stolen from doorsteps around the village.

Koblenz said on Flamingo Road in Lakeville Estates, packages left at the front door on Tuesday were taken in a drive-by theft. A security camera recorded the incident, and the video has been given to Nassau County police.

Koblenz said the unidentified suspect was in a navy blue Toyota with New York license plates beginning with “TLC.”

On Holly Lane in the Norgate subdivision, officers responded at 12:56 p.m. Wednesday to a call from the homeowner that a witness saw someone trying to steal a FedEx package left on the doorstep.

Nassau County spokesman Steven Zacchia said the witness grabbed the man, but he fled on foot.

The car, impounded by the police, was a white Chevrolet with tinted windows and blue license plates that may be from Delaware, Koblenz said.

Zacchia said the Holly Lane incident was under investigation and could not confirm where the car was from.

“Please make arrangements for someone to be home when deliveries are scheduled,” Koblenz said. “In this way, you ensure that packages are not taken.”

Koblenz urged residents to report all suspicious activity by calling 911.



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