Old Westbury paving projects to begin next week

Old Westbury paving projects to begin next week
(Photo courtesy of Old Westbury)

The Village of Old Westbury is set to begin a 2.7-mile paving project on 11 village roads.

The Board of Trustees approved at a special meeting on June 2 a $1.419 million bid from Intercounty Paving Associates of Hicksville, the lowest qualified bidder to apply for the capital project.

Village administrator Brian Ridgway said the village strives to pave roads in the area every year.

Ridgway said the paving should begin July 10 and will continue into the fall.

Roads set for work are Bacon Road, Campo Circle, Carriage Drive, Coachmans Court, Grace Drive, Haybarn Court, Highland Court, Hitchcock Lane, Valley Road, Windsor Drive and Woods Lane. Hitchcock Lane and Bacon Road will be the first two paved.

Notices to nearby residents will be made 72 hours in advance of the start of construction on the roads.

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