Readers Write: G.N. villages should unite


I am writing to aggravate the natives. They do not walk, and do not talk ,and certainly do not listen.
I suggested that the various villages unite. They meet but do not greet, and certainly are not great.
Only the mayor of Saddle Rock is alert, but alone. Dan Levy probably lives furthest from the center of activity. These mayors have regular meetings. Do they have more than coffee?
Then there are the buses. Who really needs them?
The residents drive and never use their front door. The housekeepers arrive and use the back door.
The employees of the various businesses, which our neighbors do not patronize, arrive by bus.
Who cares. If the buses collide serves them right. Poor planning!
Who listens to Muriel Pfeifer? She only lives close by.
Paul Glader thinks that the adults of the community will bike to the station.
The last time I biked (30 years ago) I fell off of it and required a few days in the hospital.
I did not even leave our community.
Larry Penner, whom I respect, wants new buses, and we have some.
Dump the buses and see how our neighbors, who do not ride them, will scream because help usually arrives on those buses.
Who cares about their condition or safety or cleanliness.
Norman Roland
Great Neck


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