Readers Write: Martins, Schimel seize a piece of pristine forest


There was a recent article about dredging a river of silt which most likely came from agriculture areas and is being dumped, to the displeasure of many, on the shore of the Long Island Sound. 

It seems that it instead should be taken back and be spread on the fields from which it came to replenish them.

That would partly reduce the need for more fertilizer creating a bigger mess. 

Another situation is the run-off from agriculture areas flowing into one of the great lakes causing large algae blooms. 

There are thousands of different ecosystems on the surface of the Earth and deep in the oceans. 

Many of them are being destroyed by human activity. 

I awoke this Monday morning down deep in the dark gloom of part of what is happening politically in Nassau County. 

Part of which is the situation of state Sen. Jack Martins’ and state Assemblywoman Schimel’s role in seizing a piece of pristine forest. 

Court decisions have been handed down to prevent it from happening. 

The last I heard is that Gov. Cuomo signed an executive order overriding the courts decisions. It is such a discredit to him but that is his style. 

In other words, they are going to cut down those trees by hook or by crook. 

In my mind,  Sen. Martins is tipping the scale more and more against himself. Greed seems to be his main driving force. 

He is doing everything he can not to have any opposition in his latest political goal: to disqualify both Philip Pidot and Tom Suozzi. 

In other words, muscle them out. 

Is he not man enough to honestly and honorably compete in a proper manner? 

I have noticed how he does things for quite some time. 

Charles Samek 



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