Readers Write: Wake up to dangers of Trump


To: Frederick R. Bedell Jr. (Letter of July 29, 2016)
Everyone in America is entitled to their own opinion.
One would hope, however, that there is a rational and somewhat factual basis for it.
If Donald Trump speaks for you and America, then in the words of Michael Bloomberg, “God help us.”
Almost daily Trump encourages divisiveness, disrespect for minorities and violence.
He further displays no command of the state of world affairs, and, in past years many of his comments would have summarily disqualified any other candidate.
Did he speak for you when he showed complete ignorance of the Russian occupation of the Ukraine?
What a nuclear triad is? What Brexit was?
His forte is criticism with no substantive plans to address the problems he is referring to.
His “plan” for getting rid of ISIS?
He said it’s a secret except he would violate international law and go after terrorists’ families and institute torture “way worse than waterboarding.”  
I assume it gives you comfort when he says he knows more about international terrorism and how to solve it than the Unites States armed forces do.
When asked if he would put American boots on the ground to address the issue of ISIS, he answered “not many” and then avoided the question.
You stated he spoke at the Republican Convention  of protecting  the LGBTQ  community.
Have you even been listening? He has publicly stated that he agrees with the North Carolina Anti-trans House Bill #2.
He has stated that he would strongly consider appointing judges that would overturn the Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling.
In June, 2016 he had a private meeting with over 400 of the most homophobic, bigoted and powerful anti-LGBTQ leaders  in the country.
Have you been awake, Mr. Bedell, during all of this?
The only greater concern I  have for our beloved country, clearly the best nation on Earth, of Trump getting elected is for people  like you who blindly  follow this homegrown  demagogue.
Herbert N. Steinberg
Great  Neck


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