Town capital plan slates millions in renovations for Roslyn parks

Gerry Pond Park will be getting environmental improvements in the 2019 and 2021 fiscal years through the Town of North Hempstead's recently passed capital plan.  (Photo courtesy of Kevin Kraft on Google Maps)

Roslyn parks and the Roslyn Community Center have upgrades planned for the coming years as part of the Town of North Hempstead capital plan that was unanimously approved in December.

The town slated a $10.9 million Roslyn Heights Park District pool and park renovation for the 2021 fiscal year.

The town does not currently own the property, and therefore cannot yet go through with the restoration, said a town spokesperson.

The project outlined in the capital plan includes a variety of improvements to equipment, facilities and landscaping under the 2019-23 capital plan.

The locker room, lobby and office in the bath house would be renovated and the pools would be reconstructed.

In the surrounding area, the tennis courts would be resurfaced and re-fenced, and the basketball court would be redeveloped.

An irrigation system would also be installed, according to the capital plan.

The changes would use “energy and water efficient equipment, fixtures and landscaping whenever possible,” the plan says.

The town has $7.5 million worth of authorized but unissued bonds for the $10,937,500 project.

Gerry Pond Park will also get improvements, including sediment removal, through the capital plan.

The project is scheduled for the 2019 and 2020 fiscal years.

FEMA is supporting the $1.29 million sediment removal. A variety of grants and bonds support the rest of the improvements, which total $9 million.

Plants will be placed around the ponds to “trap overland storm water flow and exclude waterfowl,” the capital plan says.

The project will also include wall repair for the central pond and storm water drainage system repair.

“The overall intent is to treat storm water runoff and improve water quality, enhance wildlife habitat, and add passive recreational opportunity,” the capital plan says.

The Roslyn Community Center will have a bathroom renovation and facility usage study in the 2019 fiscal year and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning replacement three years later.

The three improvements total $115,000.


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