Sands Point suspends dock construction

The Sands Point Board of Trustees during their meeting on Tuesday. (Photo by Luke Torrance)

A new law declares that the coastline of Sands Point is “one of the most important natural resources of the Village.” To help protect that resource, the Sands Point Board of Trustees passed a moratorium on Tuesday on the construction of docks, floats, piles or boat lifts in the village.

Mayor Ed Adler said the action will give the village time to study the coast and update its code.

“It will allow us to see what ways our dock laws, which have not been updated in a long time, need to be reviewed and enhanced,” he said.

The law states that the village is concerned that uncontrolled construction of docks could have a negative impact on the environment as well as aesthetics.

The board is also authorized to extend the moratorium by six months if needed. Any construction during this time will result in a penalty and the removal of new construction.

The Board of Trustees ran through a number of issues at its meeting, many of which concerned the Village Club. One issue involved the club’s pool house, which may contain asbestos.

“The pool house was built in the 1950s, and buildings developed in that era are likely to have some asbestos-containing products,” Adler said. The board is not certain if the pool house contains asbestos, but authorized Boyle Environmental Services to examine the building for asbestos and remove it if found.

Another issue was the generators located near the Village Club’s tennis courts. They are owned by AT&T and tennis players have complained about the noise the generators make when they come on at random times in the day. The board decided to table the discussion for November’s meeting.

There was some good news regarding the Village Club. In a review of the club’s past month, Trustee Peter Forman said the Oktoberfest event was a great success. He said 155 people attended, with a vast majority under the age of 50.

“It was a very young, fun event and it made me feel like I was 49 again,” he joked. “It shows that the club can attract the next generation.”

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