Denton Avenue celebrates Heritage Week

Board of Education President Juleigh Chin and Denton Avenue parents taught students about Korean games. (Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

Students at the Herricks Public Schools’ Denton Avenue Elementary School explored the diversity of the community and world during Heritage Week, which they celebrated throughout the week of Jan. 28.

Thanks to the contributions of parents, staff members and other guests, the building was converted into an assortment of multicultural workshops that featured all types of customs and activities.

Denton Avenue holds Heritage Week on alternating years as a way to promote school unity, provide students with creative interactive sessions and foster an appreciation for the art, food and customs of all cultures. Volunteer presenters, including Board of Education President Juleigh Chin, dressed in traditional clothing as they taught children about areas such as Korea, Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece, China, India, Persia and Latin America, among others.

Students had opportunities to practice Greek and Bollywood dancing, Country Line choreography and Ribbon dance movements. They also played Korean games, learned about Eastern medicine, made origami creations, experienced Chinese paper cutting and character painting, cooked and baked, studied Greek mythology, played dreidel, learned how to wear a Sari, practiced yoga, explored the history of the fiddle and much more.


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