Great Neck Public Schools’ Board of Education presents goals for 2019-20


Each year, the Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education announces its Goals for the coming school year. At the Oct. 15 meeting, the board announced their goals for 2019–20, as follows:

  1. To monitor construction projects and keep costs in check, despite circumstances out of our control.
  2. To monitor enrollment numbers, building usage, and review the implications of the optional zone.
  3. To review the success of the new Pre-Kindergarten site at the John F. Kennedy School.
  4. To announce the additional classrooms to be built at E.M. Baker and Lakeville Schools, to be supported by the community referendum vote on Dec. 3, 2019.
  5. To review security initiatives throughout the district.
  6. To continue to work with all parent and administration leaders.


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