Guggenheim Elementary holds coin drive for books


Guggenheim Elementary School recently participated in an “All for Books” coin drive. Students and faculty at Guggenheim took part in a competition-style fundraising event to purchase books for their school as well as Northwell Health’s Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

“We are so proud of our students for their efforts to support each other and the community,” said Superintendent Kathleen Mooney. “The district strives to teach students values in tandem with academics. The immense support from the Guggenheim student body is a reflection on the good character our students embody.”

With the support of Guggenheim’s Principal Barbara Giebel and Vice Principal Kimberly Licato, students were encouraged to bring in a different coin for each day of the week — Penny Monday, Nickel Tuesday, Dime Wednesday, Quarter Thursday — leading up to the week of the book fair. Grade levels enjoyed friendly competition by placing coins in bins for their designated grade. The grade with the largest contribution won a free recess. In only four days, students raised over $900 of loose change, with over $200 from the first grade alone! Throughout the fair, Guggenheim families continued to donate to All for Books, bringing the final sum raised by the elementary school to over $1,000.

The event was organized with the help of Dr. Rachel Weiselberg, emergency medicine physician with Northwell Health System and co-chairmom of the Scholastic Book Fair at Guggenheim Elementary; and Joyce Armstrong, co-chairmom. All for Books is a scholastic program through which money is raised at a book fair to purchase books for an organization in need, as selected by the school. The Scholastic Possible Fund then matches the donation, bringing books to another organization in need, effectively doubling the donation power of the school.

After speaking with the Child Life Donation specialist at Cohen Children’s Medical Center to better understand their needs, Dr. Weiselberg sought out the expertise of Guggenheim’s librarian, Mrs. Suzanne Mody, to help select the books. In all, a brilliant collection of 113 books were purchased with Guggenheim’s donations and gifted to Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

For more information about the Port Washington School District and its exciting events throughout the year, visit the district’s website:


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