Herricks robotics club earns Innovate Award

(Photos courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

Herricks High School’s Robotics Club participated in the VEX Robotics Competition on Feb. 1, under the guidance of teachers and co-advisers Dan Gillam and Anthony Cirisano. The club was tasked with designing and building robots that would be able to pick up and place cubes into allocated zones and towers.

The high school’s club is comprised of three teams, all of which successfully advanced to the playoff round of 16 teams. After a tough competition, Team 11040C received the Innovate Award, which is presented to a group that has demonstrated a strong combination of ingenuity and innovation in designing its robot. The “Wall-bot” was designed to trap other robots by deploying a wide barricade that limited the opposing team’s ability to move freely.

Congratulations to Team 11040C members Ludia Cho, Jonathan Leung, Arfan Rasheed and Rishi Shah on this achievement, and to all three teams for a job well done!

Submitted by the Herricks Public Schools

Photos Courtesy of Herricks Public Schools

(Photos courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)


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