Manhasset students excel on National Language Exams


Eighty current and former Manhasset Secondary School students are being recognized for their performances on the 2020 National Language Exams in Latin, Italian, French and Spanish.

Each year, Manhasset students join thousands across the nation and the world in taking these voluntary exams. The exams measure a students’ interpretive communication and achievement. They allow teachers to gain feedback about instruction and curriculum, while promoting language-learning in general. All of the Manhasset students being honored have or will receive monetary awards, medals, and/or certificates.

Congratulations to the following individuals on achieving at the highest levels:

National Latin Exam

Perfect Papers: Ralph Matamoros and Chris Tong

Outstanding Purple Ribbon: Peter Andel, Eric Carlson, Sofia Lago, and Elizabeth Slaney

Achievement: Olivia Mickles, Melissa Scala, and Kevin Zhang

Honorable Mention: Aidan Bebber and Ryan Matzelle

National Italian Exam

Gold: Kristen DiConza, Taylor Fox, Victoria Gagliano, Ava Klissouras, Lea Klissouras, Jacqueline Mejia, Laura Phelan (2020 NIE Scholarship Recipient), and Thomas Rowan.

Silver: Cristina Caputi, Gabriella D’Angelo, Silvana Davi, Luca DiRaimo, Ante Magas, Alexander Ottavio, Natalie Pak, Grace St. Jeanos, and Michael Troia

Bronze: Sophie Colalillo, Giulia DiRaimo, Eric Holm, and Eliza Treiste

National French Contest

Platinum: Noemie Gomes-Jourdan

Gold: Claire D’Ambrosio, Claire Gomes-Jourdan, Paul Kim, Rachel Lee, and Lara Tsibelman,

Silver: Charlotte LaBenne, Sofia Matos, Giuliana Opris, Caroline Owen, Charles Petras, and Laura Phelan

Bronze: Matthew Johnston, Selina Lu, Alexandra McIntyre, Gwendolyn Seto, and Isabel Yeo

National Spanish Exam

Gold: Jordan Aboyoun, Sambhav Jain, Roger Lu, and Dylan Wu

Silver: Savana Connolly, Connor Gibbons, Colin Hairabedian, Loic Hairabedian, Amelia Harley, Edward Huang, Sophia Lago, Emanuel Lago, Oliver Reinhardt, Hannah Rubin, Ada Shu, Sophia Stefanakis, Anastasia Venetoklis, Jack Voelker, Katherine Wede, Natalie Wells, and Spencer Wong

Bronze: Alec Abbasi, Meghan Colello, Adam DeLeeuw, Lily Filipski, Kayla Fox, Sanjna Kedia, Meghan Koek, Christina Lago, Anna Limb, Michael Ma, Stephen Pidedjian, and Sophia Xenophonotos

Submitted by the Manhasset School District


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