Manhasset students lead voter registration drive

Manhasset students lead voter registration drive
Manhasset High School Student Senate members Jacey Rorech and Stephanie Mahler guide fellow seniors on the voter registration process. (Photo courtesy of the Manhasset School District)

Manhasset High School’s Student Senate, with support from the Manhasset School Community Association, recently conducted a voter registration drive for high school seniors.

“Voter registration and voting are considered important civic duties that our school values and promotes,” said district coordinator for social studies and home and careers Mara Steindam.

In addition, New York State law requires schools to offer a voter registration opportunity to all students who will be 18 years of age by the next general election on Nov. 5 and who are eligible to vote. This includes the majority of Manhasset’s senior class.

Senior Student Senate members visited their senior social studies classes in the beginning of March to explain the voter registration process and its importance. From there, students can complete forms in class or may choose to register online. Once the registration drive is complete, the School Community Association will deliver the forms to the Nassau County Board of Elections.

As part of this process, student senate members encourage seniors to participate in the democratic process by voting in government elections and the local school budget vote if they are 18 by the day of the vote. In addition, the seniors are informed about the absentee ballot process – they can provide an alternate address if they want to take part in absentee voting if they are away at college for the November election. This year, the school budget vote is May 21.

Special thanks to student senate adviser and social studies teacher Kim Cerqua, who guided Student Senate members through the voter registration process.

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