North Shore Middle School Global Village students present research

Photo courtesy of North Shore schools

On June 11, students presented their research in the North Shore Middle School library in front of their peers, faculty and administrators in the same format inspired by Margaret Wise Brown’s book titled, “The Important Book.” The sixth grade 2018-19 Global Village cohort included Aaryan Vira, Olivia Bellocco, Ashley Holden, Sahana Gibbons, Chase Goldenberg, Samantha Hsieh, Grace Ryan, Seamus Hughes, Graham Lippert, Violet Ganzekaufer, James Brissenden, Caroline Winchester, Jared White, Juliet Ryan-Baez, Jasmin Ko, Isabelle Lee, Kailey Popowitz, Thomas Reynolds, Kasey Hart, Mina Stickley, Lilah O’Sullivan, Madison Jairala, Lukas Costello, Kevin Lucas-Romano, Naveen Neveroski and Tristin Segal.

Their topics of comprehensive exploration included “Renewable Energy is the Only Sustainable Energy Source for the Future,” Education is Unequal,” “Not Everyone has Clean Water,” “America’s Crumbling Infrastructure,” “Pollution Harms the Entire Planet,” “Animal Extinction Lasts Forever,” “Overpopulation is Our Fault,“Gun Violence Hurts People,” “Homelessness Can Happen to Anyone,” “Gender Equality is Unfair,” “Change Threatens Our Existence” and “War is Devastating.”

In addition, the North Shore Middle School Global Village students took a trip to the United Nations. 

Submitted by the North Shore Central School District                                      


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