The first graders from Ellen Trichon’s class at Heights School took a trip to the Atria Assisted Living facility in Great Neck where they each partnered up with a senior, and created matching beaded necklaces for Valentine’s Day. The seniors also dictated to the students as they wrote a card to someone special and they decorated the cards together. Everyone shared a snack and hug before leaving.

“I’m not sure any of us realized the impact the morning would have on us.  It was truly magical,” said Trichon.  “As we boarded the bus my students asked if we could go back tomorrow! One sweet boy told me it was ‘the best morning of his whole life.’ The parents that joined us all had tears in their eyes as they watched their children interact and be so kind to the seniors. It was such a gift.”

Recently their teacher read the book of the month titled “Cara’s Kindness” to the first graders. The main theme of the story is about paying it forward. As the last student left after their visit to the Atria, he said, “Mrs. Trichon, we really paid it forward today.”

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