Searingtown takes health and safety seriously

School Social Worker Kathy Wong presented the Yellow Dyno program to kindergarteners, teaching them how to stay safe. (Photos courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

Searingtown School held a Health and Safety Week from Oct. 15-18 as a way to educate and remind students about the protocol to use when facing an emergency or difficult situation. Students from kindergarten through fifth grade received valuable lessons that will help ensure their protection, both in and outside of school.

The week featured a visit from local firefighters, during which students saw an actual fire truck up close and learned about the proper actions to take in the event of a fire. Yoga sessions focused on breathing, balance, and movement, while a nutrition workshop with Dr. Jill Silverman emphasized the importance of a healthy diet.

On Oct. 16, School Social Worker Kathy Wong presented the Yellow Dyno program to kindergartners, teaching them how to react and stay safe in the presence of strangers. Principal Diana DeGiorgio discussed mental health with third graders and shared strategies to keep minds healthy through self-management, gratitude and other practices. The week also featured playground safety and food allergy awareness and concluded with a mindfulness session led by School Psychologist Maureen Andres.

Submitted by Herricks Public Schools

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