Sontag unopposed for re-election as Great Neck Library trustee

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Scott J. Sontag, a senior software engineer at Morgan Stanley, is running unopposed for re-election as Great Neck Library trustee. The election will be held on Monday.

Sontag is the Nominating Committee’s candidate for a four-year term through January 2024. He was elected last year to fill the remaining term of Francine Ferrante Krupski, who resigned.  

Voters will also elect a member to the Nominating Committee for a three-year term through January 2023. Steve M. Jacob, who was nominated by the committee, is running unopposed for the position.

Sontag, who is a volunteer Cub Scout leader and recreational soccer coach, said: “I was eager to run again because I want to keep making the library an even better place than it already is for the kids. More activities for the younger kids, and cultivating ideas with the public are two of the main platforms I want to push if I am elected. That, and when we do find activities, be able to publicize them better than we now do.”

Sontag said long-term planning will be key to gaining and retaining younger members. He also said that the role of the board is to help push the library in the right direction rather than dictating the daily activities that occur.

“Right now, we’re a library,” Sontag said. “But with the combined efforts of a helpful, cohesive advisory board, we can turn this into a great library.”

Jacob lives in New Hyde Park and works as a program manager as well as a school safety coordinator. He is a volunteer leader for Boy Scout Troop 298 and former secretary of the Elim Full Gospel Assembly.

“The public library service is an essential element of a thriving community,” Jacob said. “Candidates for the Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee should continue the progress made while listening and responding to the members’ needs.”

If elected, Jacob will fill the seat that is currently held by Patrick McDonnell, who did not seek re-election.  

 “The library should be that third space for people, aside from home and work,” Jacob said. “We provide unbeatable service, and are a model library district for others to look at.” 

Both Sontag and Jacob appealed to people to come out and vote. In 2018, a total of 2,369 ballots were cast. This year, both candidates would like to see a good turnout. 

“Regardless of who people vote for, we just need to stress how important it is for citizens to come out and perform their civic duty,” Sontag said. “I’m afraid people won’t take it too seriously, and if people don’t use their voice, it will be lost.”

“I definitely would love to see a great turnout this year,” Jacob said.  “People hear the term “library elections” and may not think too much of it, but it is really important.  Without appropriate turnouts for elections, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

Voting will take place from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

For residents living north of Northern Boulevard, voting will take place at the Main Library  at 159 Bayview Ave. in Great Neck. 

For residents living south of Northern Boulevard, voting will take place at the Parkville Branch at 10 Campbell St. in New Hyde Park. 


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