Candidate Profile, Anne Donnelly for DA

Candidate Profile, Anne Donnelly for DA
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Anne Donnelly was a prosecutor with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office for32 years.

Most recently, she was the deputy bureau chief of the Organized Crime & Rackets Bureau.

In that capacity, she was charged with prosecuting long-term investigations into traditional Organized Crime families, as well as large-scale operations engaging in illegal activities, including money laundering.

She is well known for her work prosecuting violent felons alongside the Nassau County Police Department. She was also in charge of overseeing the prosecution of all computer crimes in the office. Anne also served as the liaison to the Nassau County Correctional Center.
In 2007, ADA Donnelly was presented with an award from the Nassau County Police Department for her extensive work and successful prosecutions in the area of Racketeering. She has also received awards from the Court Officers Benevolent Association and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for her work as a prosecutor.
Prior to her promotion to deputy chief in the Organized Crime & Rackets Bureau, Anne served as the deputy chief of the Economic Crimes Bureau where she was charged with supervising and prosecuting crimes ranging from identity theft to tax fraud.

Before working in the Economic Crimes Bureau, Anne spent 12 years prosecuting violent felonies. She brought numerous cases to trial, garnering many successful guilty verdicts.

Focused on keeping the community safe, Donnelly has been involved in the investigation and successful prosecution of complex murder cases and other cases involving dangerous criminals.

Donnelly pursued a criminal case involving the sale and distribution of counterfeit electronics, resulting in the largest asset forfeiture in the history of the County. She also worked with federal prosecutors to convict a “porn doctor” who filmed and forcibly touched patients. And, the prosecutor also was involved in a Long Beach drug wiretap case, which resulted in the conviction of seven individuals, making the community safer from the scourge of drugs.

Anne (Galligan) Donnelly is a graduate of Fordham University class of ‘86, as well as Fordham Law class of ’89. She is a past president of the Fordham Law Alumni Association (Nassau-Suffolk chapter) as well as the recipient of the distinguished Alumna award.

• I will work with law enforcement to develop strategies to stop the revolving door that has been put on courthouses due to the “cashless bail” law, which was co-authored by my opponent.

My commitment to ensuring that dangerous individuals remain behind bars has earned me the endorsement of the major countywide law enforcement unions in Nassau, as well as the backing of the overwhelming majority of other law enforcement unions in our area.
• I am committed to updating and bolstering the Technology Crimes Unit in the District Attorney’s Office. The unit needs to be enhanced to deal with growing email, text and phone-based crimes, as well as other technology crimes. These crimes can wreak havoc on the finances of residents and business owners in Nassau.
• I have declared war on drugs. I’ve prosecuted major drug distribution networks, disrupting the flow of deadly drugs that are victimizing our families. Taking on the gangs that peddle death to victims in our area is a major priority for me.

Opioid addiction remains a tremendous problem in our area, and bail reform laws have made it more difficult to deal with the issue because virtually all drug-related crimes are no longer bail eligible. Despite this fact, I will dedicate more resources to education, treatment and the conviction of drug dealers and major drug operations.


As a 32-year career prosecutor, I have worked under both Democrat and Republican District Attorneys in Nassau County.

I was promoted to positions of substantial responsibility under all three District Attorney’s for whom I worked.
My 12-year stint, prosecuting violent felons, gave me the opportunity to keep our communities safe and ensure that dangerous people were kept behind bars. Fighting the scourge of drugs in our communities is an area where I have made a positive difference. I prosecuted a major drug distribution network based in Long Beach, and I won convictions that made our neighborhoods safer from elicit drugs.
One of the most important areas that distinguishes me from my opponent is my ability to work with law enforcement.

All of the major countywide law enforcement unions have endorsed me because they know me, they trust me, their members have worked with me and they know that I have the experience and relationships to effectively address the issue of crime in Nassau, keeping neighbors safe and keeping dangerous criminals behind bars.
I must say that my opponent’s role as a co-author of the disgraceful “cashless bail” law, has made families less safe and has resulted in the release of 3,000 dangerous inmates who went on to commit 9,000 new crimes.

I am equipped to work with other district attorney’s and law enforcement officials to fight to return more judicial discretion to our judges. It is a very sad commentary that almost every drug offense is still not bail eligible because of the failed “bail law” of Sen. Todd Kaminsky.

My credentials, training and background have been geared exclusively toward running the Nassau District Attorney’s Office. My opponent, on the other hand, is a career politician, who has jumped from one political office to another in an ongoing quest for greater political power.

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