Robert McCarthy Candidate Guide

Robert McCarthy Candidate Guide

Biographical background

Robert McCarthy is a long-time resident of Legislative District 14. He graduated from Chaminade as the Chaminade Man in 2014.

e earned his bachelor’s in religious studies and public policy at the University of Virginia. After that, he earned his master’s in education from the University of Notre Dame while participating in the Alliance for Catholic Education and teaching 3rd grade at a Catholic school. Currently, he is a first-year law student at NYU Law School.

Three most important issues in the campaign and their positions on those issues

The three most important issues in the campaign are restoring faith in county government, ensuring public safety for all communities, and creating an environmentally sustainable community.

First, we need to restore faith in county government. To do this, I will work with Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and support her work for a fair and transparent assessment system.

Additionally, I will end the use of wasteful government mailers and only support nonpartisan redistricting to ensure people are being represented. It is clear that strong governmental distrust is undermining the government’s ability to get things done on all levels.

Second, I have heard from multiple voters about the importance of ensuring their own and their family’s safety. Fortunately, Nassau was ranked the safest community by U.S. News & World Report for two years in a row.

Public safety is strongest when we have well-trained and well-paid public safety officers with strong trust and transparency. I will support efforts to ensure that continues to be the reality in Nassau.

Finally, we need to lead on climate issues, both sustainability efforts and climate mitigation. As far as sustainability is concerned, we need to target the transportation and waste sectors working to expand electrical offerings and public transportation and implementing composting.

We also need to focus on climate mitigation by preserving open spaces, ensuring clean drinking water, and protect the health of our bays.

a short description on why they are the most qualified person for the position.

I am qualified for this position because of my time studying public policy, my ability to think through decisions, and my commitment to serve for only 3 terms.

I will let good policy decisions be my legacy. I am a hard worker who realizes that all of the issues I have listed (and more) need to be addressed urgently. The longer we wait, the worse our problems become, and we need leaders who are ready to address our challenges directly.

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