Beauty tips for the fall

Beauty tips for the fall

By Daniel B Rabenou

You don’t have to believe Americal’s to get on board with this season’s hot chocolate trends. You will, however, have to learn to put your faith in the new neutral!.

But trust me, soon we all will be joining the gravy train.

Because frankly, it’s hard to avoid this season. Rich dark and as its name suggests deliciously tempting chocolate is the new black particularly as far as your make up is concerned.

But why stop there? If you’re going to dip into chocolate this season, full on indulgence is far more pleasurable than a calorie – controlled approach.

Eyeshadow palette: $49

Too faced

sold @BarBeautybyDaniel

The chocolate bar experience begins as soon as you open the pallet and smell the sweet chocolate aroma. Looks gorgeous without the extra calories. The eyeshadows are pigmented with pure, antioxidant – Riched cocoa powder and include 16 Matt and shimmer shades of neutral browns, delicate pinks and lustrous plums. This is a must have and great for a natural to dramatic makeup application.

Foundation $40

Stay all day stilla foundation

Foundation has been reunited with that coordinating concealer! Face the day looking selfie-ready with Stila light-weight , high-definition buildable coverage oil free Mat foundation. Conveniently hidden inside the cab is a creamy, full coverage concealer.

Yes, darling, it’s 2 products for the price of one. The foundation dispenser creates the perfect pro palette for easy pick up with fingers or a brush. I recommend this for any age group for its silicone coated penguins provide a light-weight smooth and natural finish.

Lips Stick: color nude honey $23

Sold @BarBeautyByDaniel

Josie Moran Oregon lipsting plumpingg butter This supple tingle and proprietary lip plumping complex visibly enhance lips for a voluptuous, juicy pouch. Soothing Minooka honey hydrate for a smoother and fuller looking Lip. It’s perfectly Matt lipstick hydrates without making your lips feel dry.

Body moisturizer:

Josie Moran Divine drip honey butter balm $42

This is the quintessential item for fall this rich body cream is a combination of honey and 100% pure argon oriole to deeply nourish your skin. The new trade/dance concentrate create a protective barrier on the skin to seal in moisture and ward off all signs of environmental aggressors.

High lighter: $25

Create the perfect glow or Packin for an intense affect. (Makeup a Geek )has one of my favorite lights highlighter palette this season. Night light – like gold with a reflective luminous finish is my favorite out of the three. Each shade is easy to use and complements any skin town

Lip fusion xl plumping lipgloss $42

Sold @BarBeautyByDaniel

Clients are constantly asking me what do I have on my lips on the daily. Forget the syringe and injection this lip plumper  contains hyaluronic acid which is twice as much effective as collagen. With overtime use it will diminish fine lines and increase more volume of the lips. Goes great over your favorite lipstick and hydrates those drying Matt lipsticks.

Pictures and more to the article is on the way.

Daniel B Rabenou

Bar Beauty By Daniel LLC

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