How Your Business Can Benefit from a Mobile App


There are over 2 billion smartphones around the world. It is expected that by 2020 this number will drastically increase. Most time people spend on those smartphones is devoted to applications specifically (up to 80%). We use mobile devices almost for everything – reading, shopping, communicating, banking, booking, exercising, listening to music, gaming, watching online videos, and many other activities we used to do on a daily basis.

A lot of businesses have already used these statistics to develop and grow. In fact, if in 2018 your company or service doesn’t have a mobile app yet, it is considered to be less attractive and reliable than others. You can analyze it yourself. How many of your favorite services have their own version of mobile apps? Probably, most of them. A mobile app is a revolutionizing way both to boost your company’s productivity and improve the customer experience. A modern software development company is not only a service, which works on your future app. It creates a custom, long-term mobile strategy, based on the latest technologies.

So, what exactly can you get due to a simple mobile application?

Mobile Apps for Any Business Model

It is really hard to find a business model, which won’t benefit from an online platform. Software is almost in everything. With the development of mobile computing, industries have started to transfer what they do to a new level. Online marketing has become a center of most business strategies out there. They started to pay attention to mobile devices more. And there are a couple of reasons for that.

Mobile devices are a fundamental change in the way we shop, travel, work, communicate, and, of course, the way we do business. This is more than Candy Crush or Instagram only. Mobiles mean a lot to your business. And here’s why.

  • Customers want a connection with the services they use on mobiles, as mobile device is a direct communication, which is even better than having a website. Customers need engaging with the brands they are using because it increases the trust they have to those brands.
  • Applications are more comfortable, as they represent instant updates, news alerts, notifications, saving a lot of time.
  • Apps are used for work-related activities by the employees as well.
  • Purchasing via mobile devices is rapidly increasing. Customers don’t want to spend hours searching for your info online. They want instant access. Therefore, your revenue grows.
  • Having a mobile app means that your business is accessible everywhere and anytime. What other marketing strategies can offer this?
  • Apps help to build customer loyalty. Don’t you want your customers to come back to your company every time they need this type of services? Keep them coming back.
  • Though a mobile app is already a well-known marketing tool, not every business has it yet. So, stay ahead of your competitors.

Don’t ignore mobile marketing if you want your business to succeed now, as well as in a few years, as everything promises that mobile computing is going to grow even more in the nearest future.


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