Summer in Herricks gets a great start with art

Students display their sea life mural after a week long summer camp at Herricks High School. (Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

Herricks elementary students dove into the world of art immediately after the school year concluded. During the week of June 28, an art camp held at the high school provided opportunities to explore various mediums and find inspiration in famous artists.

Under the guidance of teachers Allyson Zebrowski, Maria Monda and Angela Raio, students in grades 1-5 completed their own interdisciplinary masterpieces using clay, watercolor, photography, paint and much more. They learned about the movement in jazz-inspired works by Jackson Pollack and used marbles to design their own paintings. They explored the rhythms and patterns of indigenous Americans and those of modern artist Sonia Delaunay, combining visual arts and music in their own creations.

Participants also learned about artist Yaoi Kusama and wrapped trees in the courtyard with yarn in her style, and created photograms after studying positive and negative space. A collaborative sea life mural, displayed in the hallway, brought talents together with an assortment of illustrations. Special thanks goes to high school students Isabella Mathai, Tina Pathak, Julia Yam, Emily Eng, who served as teaching assistants throughout the week.

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