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Historic Baxter House heavily damaged by fire

The historic Baxter House was heavily damaged in a fire early Sunday

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Baxter House neighbor says she saw men entering and leaving house

The owner of the house adjacent to the historic Baxter House said

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Baxter House owner submits application to demolish and rebuild

The owner of the historic Baxter House has submitted an application to

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The Dolphin Bookshop keeps independent tradition alive

In a time when independent bookstores are scarce, the Dolphin Bookshop &

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Village discusses demolition, rebuilding of Baxter House

Baxter Estates trustees said on Thursday that the owner of the Baxter

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Engineer’s report details damage to Baxter House

An engineering firm hired by the Village of Baxter Estates issued a

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Village draws criticism; says Baxter House plans aren’t official

The Village of Baxter Estates drew strong criticism last week after the

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Baxter House to be demolished and rebuilt

After months of an turbulent conversations with the Village of Baxter Estates

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Baxter Estates celebrates 85th anniversary

In 1931, 39 residents went to the polls to save their village,

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Residents discuss crowdfunding for the Baxter House

Residents of Baxter Estates, unhappy with the upkeep of the historic Baxter

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