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Dejana Industries site hit with pollution concerns

State officials have accused one of the North Shore's largest municipal-services companies

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Manorhaven eases neighbor alerts on new site applications

The Village of Manorhaven voted to double the radius required for giving

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Resident threatens lawsuit over Manhasset Isle variance

Caroline DuBois, the acting secretary of the Manorhaven Action Committee, gave notice

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Dejana demolishes property on Manhasset Isle

Dejana Industries demolished an old warehouse last week on Manhasset Isle, clearing

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Manorhaven approves new trailer law

The Village of Manorhaven updated its code during Thursday's Board of Trustees

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Baxter Estates approves tax cap override

The Baxter Estates Board of Trustees approved a tax cap override Thursday,

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Manorhaven BZA approves salt shed — with caveats

Manorhaven's Board of Zoning Appeals approved a special permit for the construction

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Peter Dejana sells Dejana Industries

Peter Dejana, a leading businessman and philanthropist in Port Washington, has sold

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Manorhaven residents concerned over 2013 oil spill

An oil spill on property owned by Dejana Industries has new relevancy

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Manorhaven divided over salt storage shed

Dejana Industries wants to build a shed in Manorhaven to store sand

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Despite judge’s ruling, permit calls Dejana structures ‘trailers’

Are they trailers or buildings? It depends on whether you look at

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Village issues tickets to Dejana for illegal trailers

The Village of Manorhaven has issued tickets to businessman Peter Dejana for

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