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‘Not a single dollar’ lost in Mangano scandal, Maragos says

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos on Thursday said the county's most recent corruption

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Laura Curran backed by Dem state senators

Long Island's two Democratic state senators backed Nassau County Legislator Laura Curran

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Charles Lavine hires county executive campaign staff, wins endorsements

State Assemblyman Charles Lavine has hired a campaign manager and three consulting

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George Maragos turns Jay Jacobs from ally into target

Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs welcomed county Comptroller George Maragos to

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George Maragos leads Dems in county exec cash race

George Maragos’ loans to his own campaign give him a hefty cash

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Nassau probation cost victims $226K: audit

Mismanagement in Nassau County’s Probation Department led crime victims to lose out

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George Maragos running as Democrat for county executive

After weeks of speculation, Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos switched parties last

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Reclaim New York launches L.I. spending database

An open-records advocacy group has launched an online government spending database, continuing

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County budget could have $134M hole: Maragos

Nassau County could end 2017 with a $134 million deficit under County

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Maragos slams county on contract

The Nassau County parks department failed to properly administer and supervise licensing

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