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Self(ie) reflection at Great Neck North High’s commencement ceremony

Great Neck North High School’s commencement ceremony on Thursday was filled with

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High school graduations airing on GNPS/TV

Tune in now to GNPS/TV to view the June 2019 Great Neck

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‘On the Beach’: Lucien Wostenholme’s graduation speech

Lucien Wostenholme, a Great Neck North High School class of 2019 graduate,

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Deborah Malekan tells North High grads to savor experience

Deborah Malekan, a North High School class of 2019 graduation, delivered the

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Ashley Yu shares lessons learned at South High in speech

The following speech was delivered by Ashley Yu, class of 2019, at

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Riding the waves of life: Rachel Schneider’s graduation speech

Rachel Schneider, a Great Neck South High School class of 2019 graduate,

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Michael Lu, South High valedictorian, speaks at graduation

Below is the speech Michael Lu, the valedictorian for Great Neck South

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Stardust and discovery: Kristin Hon’s graduation speech

Below is Kristin Hon's graduation speech from the commencement ceremony for Great

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Paden Dvoor talks magic, change, and the mind at graduation

Below is the speech Paden Dvoor delivered at the Great Neck South

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Great Neck North High graduates to begin next chapter

As "The Big Bang Theory," "Star Wars," the Marvel cinematic universe and

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Manhasset Secondary School holds 99th annual commencement ceremony

Though elementary school is now more distant, memories from those years are

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