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Manorhaven trustees unanimously agree the village is overcrowded

Manorhaven’s village board unanimously approved a motion at Thursday night’s meeting recognizing

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Still no consensus on Manhasset Isle apartments

For almost four hours, the Manorhaven Zoning Board of Appeals listened Tuesday

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Manorhaven residents call for action over cell nodes, proposed apartments

Manorhaven residents spent much of Thursday's Board of Trustees meeting demanding that

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No decision on 4-story apartment building on Manhasset Isle

A public hearing on a four-story mixed-use building on Manhasset Isle drew

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Dejana demolishes property on Manhasset Isle

Dejana Industries demolished an old warehouse last week on Manhasset Isle, clearing

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Manorhaven considers working with other villages on waterfront

After hearing what residents didn't like about the waterfront analysis earlier this

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Manorhaven waterfront analysis calls for public access to the water

A waterfront analysis of Manorhaven, released this week by Cameron Engineering &

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Manorhaven responds to environmental record request

Village attorney Steven Leventhal rejected series of demands from the Manorhaven Action

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Avena pushes back against MAC’s criticisms

Relations between Manorhaven officials and the Manorhaven Action Committee have grown increasingly

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Manorhaven suspends alternate street parking until Jan.

Winter is just around the corner, but the Village of Manorhaven Board

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Reader’s Write: A call for action by Manorhaven Civic Association

On behalf of all residents, we request that the officials of the

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