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Manorhaven residents call for action over cell nodes, proposed apartments

Manorhaven residents spent much of Thursday's Board of Trustees meeting demanding that

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Manorhaven remembers 9/11 on 17th anniversary

For Manorhaven Mayor Jim Avena, Sept. 11 is always an emotional day.

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Manorhaven, Sands Point incumbents all re-elected

Three officials in Manorhaven and two in Sands Point were all re-elected

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Manorhaven, Sands Point to hold uncontested elections

Residents of two Port Washington villages will go to the polls next

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Readers Write: Thank you Manorhaven for response to snowfalls

Thank you Mayor Avena, the Manorhaven Board of Trustees, and the Village

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Readers Write: Manorhaven zoning study favored large property owners

You could certainly hear the nearly 100 residents loud and clear at

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Readers Write: Residents’ input welcomed in waterfront deliberations

I'd like to thank everyone that attended the discussion of Cameron Engineering's

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Readers Write: A message from Manorhaven’s mayor

At the special referendum on Oct. 3, residents voted to keep the

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