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Village agrees to shut off park light temporarily after concern from residents

A small group of residents signed a petition asking the Williston Park

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Williston Park board swears in superintendent of public works

Steven Shelley was sworn in as superintendent of public works for the

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Williston Park Board of Trustees approve application for Indian restaurant on Hillside Avenue

The Williston Park Board of Trustees voted Monday night to approve an

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AT&T denied telecom permits in Williston Park

After hearing strong pushback from residents, the Williston Park Board of Trustees

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Readers Write: Thank you Williston Park voters

You believed in our candidates and your support helped the Integrity Team

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Rating service upgrade W.P.’s financial outlook

A review of the village’s financial status has just been completed by

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Readers Write: Allow team led by Ehrbar to continue

I have had the pleasure of seeing the great work of Paul

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Readers Write: Ehrbar’s slate offers continued progress

It is said often but always rings true, Williston Park is truly

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Readers Write: Mayor Ehrbar goes the extra mile for us

I am writing this letter in support of Mayor Paul Ehrbar, Trustee

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Readers Write: My grandfather is best choice for Williston Park mayor

I am the 10-year-old granddaughter of Mayor Paul Ehrbar. Mayor Ehrbar is

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