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New Thomaston zoning law, proposed five-story building met with ire of village residents

A surge of Thomaston residents who oppose a newly passed local zoning

5 Min Read

Over 500 sign petition against proposed 7-Eleven in Port Washington

After a petition and public outcry doomed a similar proposal in Manhasset,

4 Min Read

Signatures on petition for more diverse housing in Great Neck village overstated

Great Neck Village Mayor Pedram Bral has said at least once that

9 Min Read

Floral Park residents seek protection from dangerous teens

Several Floral Park residents say they're being plagued by teenagers who are

3 Min Read

Mineola OKs new parking rule after residents’ plea

Residents of a Mineola street will soon get parking restrictions that they

2 Min Read

Jack Martins moves to block Suozzi’s ‘Fix Washington’ line

Republican congressional candidate Jack Martins is trying to block Democrat Tom Suozzi’s

4 Min Read

Suozzi pulls bid for additional ballot line

Democratic congressional candidate Tom Suozzi ended his fight for his “Fix Washington”

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