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Plandome rejects two more proposed cell nodes from ExteNet

Village of Plandome trustees rejected two cell nodes from ExteNet Systems at

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Plandome to hold ExteNet hearing as Flower Hill to appear before judge

The Village of Plandome will hold a public hearing on an application

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Plandome meets with Elite Towers about potential cell tower

Village of Plandome officials met with representatives of Elite Towers last week

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Plandome extends cell node application deadline to Sept. 9

The Village of Plandome now has until Sept. 9 to vote on

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Ten proposed cell nodes in Plandome cause uproar

A packed public hearing about 10 new cell nodes for the Village

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Plandome residents condemn secret write-in campaign that elected mayor

Plandome residents painted Mayor Thomas Minutillo’s unannounced write-in campaign as an insult

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Village of Plandome passes long-debated zoning amendment

After more than a year of drafts, revisions and public hearings, the

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Village of Plandome nears the finalization of zoning code changes

Much-debated changes in the Village of Plandome’s building and zoning codes that

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Leeds Pond culvert repair contractor gets state OK

The North Hempstead Town Board plans to conduct a phone vote to

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Town holds on Leeds Pond culvert repair project

The Town of North Hempstead is holding off on repairs on the

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