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Village candidates win uncontested races in Roslyn

Roslyn villages had a calm election day Tuesday, with all candidates winning

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No new faces in Roslyn elections

Roslyn villages that are holding elections this month have ballots stacked entirely

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Roslyn Estates may upgrade digital village code

The Roslyn Estates Board of Trustees is considering changing the digital, publicly

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Georgeann Polatov appointed as Roslyn Estates trustee

The Village of Roslyn Estates appointed Georgeann Polatov as a new trustee

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Arboriculture main concern of Roslyn Estates Board of Trustees in latest meeting

By Maylan L. Studart The Roslyn Estates Board of Trustees meeting on Monday

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Roslyn Estates passes home rental law, introduces ticketing amendment

The Roslyn Estates Board of Trustees passed a local law at its

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Roslyn Estates introduces home rental law, discusses tree regulations

The Roslyn Estates Board of Trustees has introduced a new law that

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Roslyn Estates board proposes heavy fines for short-term rentals

The Roslyn Estates village board proposed a local law at Wednesday’s meeting

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Roslyn Estates considers redefining ‘trees’ in village code

Gertrude Stein once wrote "a rose is a rose is a rose"

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Roslyn Estate’s Joshua Hardwood earns Eagle Scout

Joshua Harwood of Roslyn Estates was recently honored with his Eagle Scout

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Tennis bubble proposal dropped in Roslyn Estates

A proposal from Mark Johns, owner of the Tennis King, to install

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Roslyn elections draw few residents to polls

The uncontested elections in four Roslyn villages brought few residents to the

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