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Manhasset elementary schools review parents’ lunch duty

Manhasset’s elementary school principals are re-evaluating a favorite opportunity for many parents

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Manhasset residents to vote Tuesday on school budget, ed board candidates and capital projects

Manhasset-area residents will head to the polls next Tuesday to vote on

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Manhassed ed board finalizes capital reserve projects up for public vote May 21

After about six months of discussion, the Manhasset Board of Education unanimously

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Avery Gray, published author at age 8, has shoeboxes full of books he’s written

Here’s how 8-year-old Avery Gray said he came up with the story

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Shelter Rock singers are gold

Congratulations to the Shelter Rock Elementary School sixth-grade Chamber Choir for winning

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Manhasset’s next generation of eco-change makers

Based on their responses to an Earth Day assignment to discuss their

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Manhasset book fairs welcome furry friends, folks from the wild west

Manhasset’s Munsey Park and Shelter Rock Elementary School students and parents recently

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Manhasset welcomes 2 new principals for elementary schools

Both Manhasset elementary schools will be led by new faces beginning July

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Manhasset ed board trustees running unopposed

Two Manhasset Board of Education trustees will again run unopposed to keep

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Manhasset to roll out new elementary reading curriculum, testing

The Manhasset elementary students and parents will see a change to the

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Shelter Rock’s own Madame Tussauds

Third-graders at Shelter Rock Elementary School in the Manhasset School District transformed

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Manhasset elementary students celebrate Chinese New Year

Shelter Rock and Munsey Park elementary schools were treated this week to

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