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Haber opens campaign headquarters in Mineola

Democrat Adam Haber opened  his campaign headquarters in Mineola on Sunday for

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Reform ethics, then raise legislators’ pay: Haber

Democratic state Senate candidate Adam Haber said he opposes pay increases for

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Don’t schools punish for opt-outs: Phillips

Elaine Phillips, a Republican candidate for the state Senate, on Monday called

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Francesa donates to Phillips race

The sports radio host Mike Francesa, a Flower Hill resident, donated $2,000

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Phillips gets 13 law enforcement endorsements, Haber receives one

Republican candidate Elaine Phillips received 13 endorsements from  law enforcement groups over

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Senate hopefuls release tax plans

The two candidates seeking to replace outgoing state Sen. Jack Martins in

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Adam Haber calls for outreach on privacy

Democrat Adam Haber, who is running to replace outgoing state Sen. Jack

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Haber, Phillips differ on issues at forum

Republican Elaine Phillips and Democrat Adam Haber, the two candidates vying to

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Haber says he will succeed where Senate GOP has failed

Democrat Adam Haber rejected as unfounded claims by his opponent, Republican Elaine

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Phillips announces more endorsements, Haber presents anti-gun violence plan

Republican candidate Elaine Phillips announced a number of endorsements this week, while

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State Assembly, Senate candidates clash at forum

The Republican candidate for the 16th Assembly District, Matt Varvaro, said Thursday

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Phillips, Haber rack up endorsements as election nears

Both candidates vying to replace outgoing state Sen. Jack Martins and represent

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